Updates and changes to this site

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Hi all!

As you have noticed, there are many changes to my wordpress blog and for good reason. I felt that my previous site name did not really match what my blog was going for, so I decided to change it. Making such a shift in the name really made me go even further and start rehauling the entire site.

Instead of my old name, I’m now called “Owlsuo,” mostly because I flip flop between names here and there and I just think “Owlsuo” sounds relatively delightful and catchy. It almost reminds me of the names I’ve been using on my characters in the various different MMOs I’ve been playing. As for the blog, it’s now called “Critical Lyfe” which sounds far more fitting given that I have been using this blog to promote film and anime, instead of the last one which made this whole site seem like a glorified fitness commercial from a glance. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss the name “Energized and Salty”, but I do feel that an overhaul is due. That’s not only the only thing I’ve changed; the site themes and layout are different too. This is mostly still a work in progress, but I think I’ll stick with this for the time being.

It was a hard decision to make, but I feel its about time I put things into motion. Many bloggers I’ve observed, do undergo many changes over time, especially when they’ve decided that their old themes and naming conventions are way too outdated and archaic. But, not to worry, I’ll still be posting the same content here and there. Even though my focus is mainly going to be on analytical pieces rather than just straight-up reviews or recommendations of certain series, you’ll still be seeing some of the familiar articles popping up here and there, though this time around they will probably be an oddity as I cannot consume a large amount of media any longer. I’ll also be switching my attention more to film and literature, but don’t worry anime fans, I have some anime related content to satisfy your taste palettes.

Wish you all a lovely day and hope you all stay energized throughout the last days of the summer.

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